OVULATION INDUCTION We are aware that a significant number of women have problems producing and releasing their eggs. The failure to produce and/or release eggs is known as anovulation. Ovulation Induction is when doctors give medication, usually hormonal drugs in tablet form or by injection, to assist the ovaries to produce and release eggs to improve the chances of achieving conception either with intercourse or with artificial insemination. Who may benefit from Ovulation Induction? • A woman with normal and functioning fallopian tubes. • A woman who is less than 38 years old. • A woman with hormone levels that do not suggest advanced ovarian age. • A woman whose husband’s sperm count should be more than 10 million/mL with progressive forward motility greater than 40%. Planning Ovulation Induction After your doctor has assessed that you would benefit from ovulation induction, on the first day of your menstruation, you will receive a plan detailing how you will take your drugs. Usually we advise you start medication between day 2 and 5 of your cycle. You will be monitored with transvaginal scans from day 9 of your cycle to track the growth of the follicles and you will be advised when you should have intercourse or artificial insemination.

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