SEMINAL FLUID ANALYSIS Seminal fluid analysis is the procedure whereby freshly ejaculated semen is examined under the microscope to check the sperm count (number of sperm), morphology (shapes and appearance) and motility (movement of sperm). It is the centre piece of the male infertility investigation. Semen Collection The man should have abstained from intercourse for 2-3 days prior. Semen sample is best produced by masturbation in a clean wide-mouthed jar. However, men who are unable to masturbate can produce semen by interrupting coitus or by using a special condom; these methods of collection are a compromise to masturbation but we do not recommend these methods usually. It is important not to lose any part of the ejaculate because it will affect the results as the first part of the ejaculate has the highest concentration of sperm. There is a private room in the Clinic where semen can be produced. When semen is produced at home, it should be kept warm and arrive in the Clinic laboratory within 60 minutes of production. A normal sperm count should be 20 million or more per millilitre of semen. Normal morphology of a sperm is an oval head, an intact mid-piece and a single tail that is not coiled. The motility of sperm is very important; it shows the proportion of sperm that can move to where fertilization takes place. Hormone Test Men who have abnormal sperm parameters may be asked to check their FSH, LH and testosterone levels.

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